2021 Annual Lecture of British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES)

December 7, 2021, London,


Iranian Constitution is a hybrid of a democratic republican regime as well as an Islamic authoritarian regime based on the Absolute Guardianship of the Jurist-ruler. Islamic Republic has been a ‘non-competitive electoral authoritarian regime’ since early 2020. Khamenei expressed recently “There may come a time when elections become meaningless and other forms of public participation emerge.” Since 1979, leaders of revolutionary Iran have never believed in the republican side of the ‘Islamic Republic’, and now it is time to transform and unveil the reality of the regime: “The Islamic State of Iran (non-electoral authoritarian regime), the Shi’ite version of the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). The ‘Islamic Republic’ has been in transition to “Islamic State” since its beginning.

2021 BRISMES Anual Lecture