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Impeaching Iran’s Supreme Leader on his Marja’iyyat

The Trivialization of Shi’i Marja’iyyat: Impeaching Iran’s Supreme Leader on his Marja’iyyat (Ebtezal-e Marja’iyyat-e Shi’a: Estidhah-e Marja’iyyat-e Maqam-e Rahbari Hojjatol-Islam wal-Moslemin S. Ali Khamenei) First

The Right of People

Haghgh al-Nass (The Right of Mankind) or Islam and Human Rights is the collection of 14 articles that were written from 1998 to 2006. The

Khorasani’s Political Philosophy

   Mullā Muhammad Kāzim Khurāsānī (1839-1911), also known as Ākhund Khurāsānī (the cleric from Khurāsān), is one of the most outstanding scholars of the world

The Concerns of a Religious State

Religious states have some specific concerns alongside the general concerns of every state. These concerns can be divided into two categories the first of which

Religious Pluralism

  Dr Abdolkarim Soroush stood for religious pluralism in a paper called Straight Paths (Serathayeh mostaqim), Kian Monthly (banned in 2000). Under the unhealthy climate

Theocratic State

Velayat is a key concept within the second stage of the development of Shiite political thought after the 12th Imam Mahdi. This notion was raised