Blasphemy and Apostasy in Islam

Take a front-row seat to the debate on blasphemy and apostasy in Islam: a. Presents a back-and-forth debate between two Shi’a jurists (one conservative, one reformist) that locates the exact points of controversy surrounding apostasy and blasphemy; b. Engages with the broader subjects of religious freedom and human rights, addressing both secular and religious interests; c. Articulates the secular–religious divide and proposes a pluralistic solution, making a case that apostasy and blasphemy are non-existent in the Qur'an; d. Packed with translations of primary sources, including fatwas and interviews.

An Introduction to Apostasy, Blasphemy, & Religious Freedom in Islam

Islam and Human Rights Series (No. 2) Apostasy, Blasphemy, & Religious Freedom in Islam A Critique Based on Demonstrative Jurisprudence (Eslam wa Hoqouq-e Bashar -2) Mujazat-e Ertedad wa Azadi-ye Mazhab: Naqd-e Mujazat-e Ertedad wa Sabb al-Nabi ba Mawazin-e Feqh-e Estedlali Web-Book: July 2014, 406 Pages, Publisher: Official Website of Mohsen Kadivar Introduction This book, as the second volume of “Islam and Human Rights Series,” undertakes to affirm certain positions and to negate others under the rubric of its major themes: apostasy, blasphemy, and religious freedom. As for the former, it…