Transformation of ‘Islamic Republic’ to ‘Islamic State of Iran’

2021 Annual Lecture of BRISMES. Islamic Republic has been a ‘non-competitive electoral authoritarian regime’ since early 2020. Khamenei expressed recently “There may come a time when elections become meaningless and other forms of public participation emerge." Since 1979, Iranian leaders have never believed in the republicanism, and now it is time to unveil the reality of the regime: “The Islamic State of Iran (non-electoral authoritarian regime), the Shi’ite version of the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (Taliban). The ‘Islamic Republic’ has been in transition to “Islamic State” since its beginning.

Impeaching Iran’s Supreme Leader on his Marja’iyyat

Abstract-4Download The Trivialization of Shi’i Marja’iyyat: Impeaching Iran’s Supreme Leader on his Marja’iyyat (Ebtezal-e Marja’iyyat-e Shi’a: Estidhah-e Marja’iyyat-e Maqam-e Rahbari Hojjatol-Islam wal-Moslemin S. Ali Khamenei) First Edition (as a series of articles): JARS, March-April 2013; Second Edition: March 2014; Third Edition: May 2014; Fourth Edition: May 2015, Mohsen Kadivar Official Website, 314 pages ***** Hojjatol-Islam wal-Moslemin Seyyed Ali Hosseyni Khamenei (b. 1939 in Mashhad) was one of the famous combatant broad-minded orators of Khorasan in the 1970s. After the success of the revolution, he was assigned to important positions, such…