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In support of Protests in Iran

This is the fourth big protest since 2019 in Iran. Iranians are outraged with grievances that won’t soon go away. This is not only about freedom for women (especially their hair covering), but freedom for the country from the ruling of the minority over the majority, freedom of a style of life, against the mandatory style of life. The majority of Iranians support a democratic, secular regime. The government blocked all the ways of reforms. There’s no way for the people, except to come to the streets and protest.

Listen to the Voices of Protesting Iran

This country-wide revolt is against not only the brutal murder of Mahsa but also the essence of the so-called Islamic regime. The demand is loud and clear: an end to a theocratic regime whose multi-faceted violence against marginalized bodies is manifested in Mahsa’s death. Protestors are chanting “women, life, freedom.” Creating and sustaining such a continuum requires recognition of the intersectional struggles that women and other marginalized bodies are experiencing in countries such as Iran and under the current Islamic theocracy. We insist on a queer-feminist, anti-capitalist, and anti-fascist agenda.