UN Must Investigate the Killing of Protesters in Iran

A group of prominent Iranians have appealed to the United Nations to take immediate action on Iran and appoint a commission to investigate the human rights violations in the country during the recent nationwide protests.  The letter, signed by prominent Iranian academics, lawyers, doctors, journalists, and human rights activists based in the United States, Europe, Canada, India and Iran, also urges the UN to demand the immediate release of protesters still incarcerated, and to allow the UN’s Special Rapporteur for Iran to visit the country and talk to human rights activists targeted in…

Academics Against Immigration Executive Order

President Donald Trump is expected to sign an Executive Order (EO) proposing a 30-day suspension of visas and other immigration benefits to all nationals of Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia. The unrealistic conditions required for discontinuing the suspension make it very likely that this EO will turn into a permanent ban. We, the undersigned academics and researchers from a variety of fields of study, backgrounds, and personal convictions, would like to voice our concern and strongly oppose this measure on three grounds: This Executive Order is discriminatory.…

The Green Call

The Green Call A Narrative of the Iranian Green Movement Volume I: Papers, Letters and Declarations (2009-2014) Nedaye Sabz Rawayati as Jonbesh-e Sabz-e Mardom-e Iran Jeld-e Awwal: Neweshtarha (1388-93) Mohsen Kadivar (1959- ) E-book: November 2014 478 Pages Publisher: Mohsen Kadivar Official website Green Call, Introduction *** Preface 1 The Green Movement has been the most important populist dissident movement in the history of the Islamic Republic of Iran. This movement, which was initiated by the spontaneous protests of millions of people of Tehran against the June 2009 presidential election…

Iran may legalize vigilantes to combat ‘corruption and filth’

A group of Principlist MPs in the Iranian parliament submitted a proposal for a parliamentary act that would legalize the undertaking of "enjoining good and forbidding wrong." This act, proposed on June 23, could curtail personal freedoms by legalizing the act of any individual wishing to intrude into the private lives of others. Summary⎙ Print A new law proposed by Iranian conservatives would offer legal protection to ordinary citizens who desire to interfere in the public lives of citizens. Author A Correspondent in IranPosted July 13, 2014 "Enjoining good and forbidding wrong" is a ritual Islamic act, which means a…

Routinizing the Iranian Revolution

  “Routinizing the Iranian Revolution” in Islam in the Modern World, edited by Jeffery T. Kenney and Ebrahim Moosa, Routledge, New York, 2014, pp. 351-368 Routinizing Iranian Revolution CHAPTER AT A GLANCE Revolution lays foundations of new Iranian state and Constitution Charismatic leadership and Shi`i political theology gave birth to the Islamic Republic of Iran Constitutional values undermined by a context political threats to Iran  Expedient secular values adopted by charismatic religious leadership erodes values of constitution and religion   The dramatic developments in 1979 shook the world.  Popular uprisings…