Statement on Palestine from North Carolina Academics


May 19, 2021

We, faculty from 19 colleges and universities across North Carolina, are writing to strongly condemn Israeli attacks on historic Palestine, from the bombing of the Gaza Strip to the forced evictions in East Jerusalem, and to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people in their just struggle for liberation.  We condemn all violence against civilians and mourn all loss of life, but reject the prevalent “two-sides” narrative that ignores differences between one of the most heavily militarized states in the world and a stateless population resisting oppression. 

As academics based in the United States, we acknowledge our complicity in Israel’s oppression of the Palestinians, made possible through the unconditional political and material support of the U.S., continuing with the current administration.  We view the Palestinian struggle for liberation as closely entwined with many struggles for racial and Indigenous justice in America, from Ferguson to Standing Rock.  In joining our voices to those of the people of Palestine, we reaffirm our commitment to combating racism in all its forms, including anti-Blackness, antisemitism, Islamophobia, and anti-Asian racism.

Signatures (over 350 faculty members at institutions of higher education in North Carolina, including 72 faculty members of Duke University)

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